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CIS Fees State Fees

Coach Fees Range

Misc Fees Range* Total Range
Per Year
U11 $660 $100 $320-$560 $40-$395 $1,110-$1,685
U12  $660 $100 $320-$560 $40-$395 $1,110-$1,678
U13  $660 $110 $320-$560 $40-$395 $1,130`-$1,700
U14  $660 $110 $320-$560 $40-$395 $1,130-$1,700
U15  $330


$200-$280 $40-$200 $650-$880
U16  $330


$200-$280 $40-$200 $650-$880
U17  $330


$200-$280 $40-$200 $660-$880
U18/U19  $330


$200-$280 $40-$200 $660-$880

All fees are per year and the commitment when you register is for the full year and, except for miscellaneous fees, are collected at the time of registration. The U15, U16, U17 and U18/U19 teams play only one season of club soccer since they are in high school. The U15 through U18/U19 girls play club soccer in the fall and the U15 through U18/U19 boys play club soccer in the spring. Players are registered to Colorado Ice for the full year and will not be released to another club during that year.

These fees do not include uniform costs if needed. See competitive uniforms info page.

*All team fees (except the U15 and older teams) include 2 tournaments.  The tournaments are listed on the team plan that will be distributed at the team meeting at the beginning of the season.  Fees may be more depending on several factors including team size and exact tournament.  No refund of tournament fees will be given if your child cannot participate in the tournaments listed in the team plan.  Tournament fees collected by Ice do not include travel costs for players/parents/coaches.  Teams cover coaches costs for travel tournaments.

*Misc fees include (but are not limited to) tournament fees and associated costs if traveling, phone line fees, party and coach gift costs, etc.
There is a processing fee added to the amount due when you register.  Payment plans are available.

Refund Policy: No refunds are given for the competitive program once you are registered. Any request for a refund given extenuating circumstances must be submitted in writing to [email protected] and the Board of Directors will consider the request. All decisions by the Ice Board of Directors are final.

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