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Parent Code of Conduct


Table Mountain Soccer Association strives to provide a highly enjoyable and positive experience for our youth players and the opportunity for as many area youth as possible to play soccer. We aim to provide a quality environment that enables each player to develop his or her ability to the fullest extent possible. Players, parents, coaches and volunteers are all integral to this positive and quality environment. By signing the following pledge, you are certifying that you will support Colorado Ice in developing this positive and quality environment.

I /We, the Parents/Guardians pledge to:

- be encouraging, supportive, and affirmative towards my child’s play, and his or her teammates’ play, on and off the field;
- respect officials and accept their decisions;
- support and respect the coach, team manager, and all members of the team;
- volunteer my services and talents to the team when help is required by the coach or team manager;
- become familiar with the laws of the game;
- comply with the rules, policies and procedures of the team and Club as documented in the Club handbook or presented on the Club website;
- maintain communication with the Team Coach or Assistant Coach regarding my child’s progress or participation, at appropriate mutually agreeable times (never on game day unless such communication is specifically initiated by the Team Coach or Assistant Coach);
- discuss any concerns not addressed by the Team Coach or Assistant Coach with either the Club Coach or Vice President of Advanced Teams, as appropriate, not with other parents;
- fulfill my financial obligation to the Team and the Club in a timely manner;
ensure that all spectators attending a game with me adhere to this Code of Conduct.

Further, I will not:

- engage in loud, disrespectful or hostile comments directed toward an official;
- engage in any kind of unsportsmanlike conduct with any official, coach, player or parent;
- coach or criticize any player, including my own, during the game;
- interfere at any time with the duties and responsibilities of the coach or team manager;
- act in any manner which is detrimental to the team or the Club.
- recruit players for another club.

Consequences include:

You receive a warning.
You are asked to leave a game.
You are suspended from a game.
Your child is suspended from a game.
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