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Player Code of Conduct


Colorado Ice strives to provide a highly enjoyable and positive experience for our youth players and the opportunity for as many area youth as possible to play soccer. We aim to provide a quality environment that enables each player to develop his or her ability to the fullest extent possible. Players, parents, coaches and volunteers are all integral to this positive and quality environment. By signing the following pledge, you are certifying that you will support Colorado Ice in developing this positive and quality environment.

I pledge to:

- attend and be prompt to all practices, games, and team functions;
- have a positive, never quit attitude;
- practice soccer skills on my own time;
- respect officials and accept their decisions without question;
- demonstrate sportsmanship;
- give encouragement to my teammates;
- train and play to the best of my ability;
- learn the rules, policies and procedures of the team and Club as documented in the Club handbook or presented on the Club website;
- immediately report any injury to the coach;
- respect my coach and my opponents;
- learn the laws of the game;
- notify the coach in advance if I will be late for or unable to attend a game, training session or team function;
- approach the coach one-on-one with any personal soccer-related problem.

Further, I will not:

- engage in dissent towards an official;
- use profane or vulgar language;
- use any controlled substance (drugs) unless prescribed by a physician;
- leave a game field, training session, or team function without informing the coach;
- make excuses or blame others if my team loses a game;
- forget that I represent the Colorado Ice;
- drink alcoholic beverages or use tobacco products during the season.

Consequences include:

You receive a warning.
You do not start the next game.
You sit out a quarter or a half of a game.
You are suspended from a game.
You are asked to leave the team.
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